Moving Checklist and Tips

You did it! You bought a home and you’re about to move in, decorate and host a house warming party. But before getting into all of that, here’s a list to keep you organized and make your move a little smoother.


You’ll want to start utilities for the new place the day of closing and don’t forget to close out your accounts for your old home. You may need to locate and read the WATER METER and ELECTRIC METER here’s how.

Hire Movers

  • Moving Link is an excellent resource to start with.

  • Can’t Stop Moving moved me last year from my condo to my townhouse and they did an excellent job!

  • Angels Junk Removal is great to pick up all the things you don’t want to take to your new home but that you can’t sell or donate.


Change your locks, you never know how many people have extra keys to the house. While you’re at it, I highly recommend a SMART LOCK. You will never be locked out again, you don’t have to carry keys when you take a walk and you can easily unlock your door remotely from your phone. (I love this feature for my dog walker!)

Notify the Following of Your New Address

  • Department of Licensing

  • Post Office

  • Credit Card Companies

  • Banks

  • Cell Phone Company

  • Your Employer

  • Auto, Home and Other Insurance

  • Voter Registration

  • Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions

  • Notify Family and Friends

I hope this checklist helps to make your move a little easier and you’ll be planning your house warming party in no time!

Alicia Terry