Top 5 Time Saving Packing Tips

Time to start packing! Congratulations you’re moving!! It doesn’t have to be a nightmare and if you use these 5 tips to stay organized, you’ll have a big smile on your face when the moving truck pulls away and it’s time to get to work.

 Shred, Donate & Toss

As you start packing, you’ll find documents and paperwork that you no longer need but that you can’t just toss in the recycle bin. Shred it!

Take any household items and clothing you no longer want and find a place to done them for second use, I love the Goodwill and using the app “Offer Up”. Moving is a great time to purge! So toss the junk you haven’t dealt with, no longer want or have flat out forgotten about. Better to do this before the move.

 Use Uniform Box Sizes

Using uniform box sizes makes it easier to stack and the loading/unloading will be quick. Large boxes seem like a good idea but they get heavy really fast and tons of small boxes is a waste of energy.

 Garbage & Ziplock Bags

When packing your hanging clothes, leave items on the hangers, tie a rubber band around several hanger hooks and cover with a white plastic garbage bag. Your clothes will be protected, you can easily see what’s in each bundle of clothes and you don’t have to rehang things again.

Ziplock bags are also great for odds and ends, throw them in the top of the box for the room that they will be unpacked in.

 Label, Label, Label

It takes a few extra minutes to catalog what’s in each box but it saves you hours when unpacking. Write down the name of the room and a few key words to remind yourself what’s in there.

 Pack an “OPEN FIRST” Box

Take this box with you in the car or load it last onto the moving truck to ensure this box is the first thing in your new location. Include paper towels, hand soap, TP, scissors, box opener, cups and plates.

I hope these tips make your move more efficient!